Angry fans ‘attack’ Ronaldo over 1 thing he failed to do as Juve lose Coppa Italia final to Napoli

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Cristiano Ronaldo has continued to receive heavy criticisms over his failure to step up during the penalty shootout at the Coppa Italia final between Juventus and Napoli.

Although the Portuguese lost a spot-kick in their semi-final clash against AC Milan, he is still the best penalty taker for the Old Lady, but he failed to show up.


Ronaldo’s obsession with being the hero has cost his team yet again. Imagine being one of the best penalty takers oat and letting Danilo take one ahead of you just because you want the 5th.

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Juventus failed to convert their first two kicks from Paulo Dybala and Danilo with Lorenzo Insigne and Politano converting their respective chances.

Napoli on the other hand scored their first four through Lorenzo Insigne, Matteo Politano, Nikola Maksimovic and Arkadiusz Milik – the latter putting away the winner to secure Gennaro Gattuso’s first trophy.


Ronaldo is Juve’s best penalty taker so you might think he’d take initiative after Dybala/Danilo missed but nah he instead waited to take the 5th and steal headlines. Most selfish footballer ever

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Fans are furious with Ronaldo saying he did not come out because he wanted to take the last kick to become the hero, something he is famous for.


Penalty shootouts between
Portugal v Spain 2012
Portugal v Chile 2017
Juventus v Napoli 2020

What do all these games have in common? Cristiano Ronaldo did not take a penalty in any shootout, because he put his ego over his teams glory by deciding to take the final penalty. 🥶

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Before Ronaldo’s arrival at the Italian club, Juventus had won the last four Coppa Italia trophies and now the former Real Madrid striker has lost two consecutive finals for the first time in his career.

And also, Juve manager Maurizio Sarri has stated emphatically that Cristiano Ronaldo is lacking sharpness following his side’s painful defeat against Napoli in Coppa Italia final.

Having the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala in his squad, the expectation of many fans was that Juventus would be able to beat Napoli with a wide margin.

But the Old Lady failed to score in 90 minutes and even Napoli had the chance to score the winner at the death before the match went into penalties.

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